Wednesday, 10 September 2008

spongebob nick: WATCHING TV

a: hi spongebob! b: hi patrick! a: what are you watching spongebob? b: a new episode of spogebob squarepants nickelodeon, its so funny! a: i have not see this before, what is the story? b: spongebob holiday in jamaica, there is a lot of fun, so many sexy scene including sexy girl in those scenes. a: sure, its a beach holiday! b: beach and girls are great combination. spongebob get horny in jamaica. what a great story! a: hahaha.. spongebob nick!

Sunday, 7 September 2008


good morning, mr. spongebob nick! - GOOD MORNING, MISS! WHAT I CAN DO FOR YOU? - i hear in this company, the vacancy of secretary are open? is that true, sir? - YES, THAT IS TRUE - then, i would like to apply for that position. this is my application letter, mr. spongebob nick... OK. HAVE A SEAT, PLEASE AND WAIT A MINUTE, I WILL GIVE YOUR LETTER TO HUMAN RESOURCES DEPARTMENT MANAGER. thank you sir. i will wait here. OK...

Saturday, 6 September 2008


HELLO, SPONGEBOB NICK. HOW ARE YOU TODAY? - hello, patrick. i am fine, thank you. and you? - I AM QUITE WELL, THANKS. HOW ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS LATELY? - my business is very good. - TRULY, I NEED YOUR HELP SPONGEBOB NICK. - is there anything that i can do for you? - WELL, AS YOU KNOW I HAVE AN ELECTRONICAL COMPANY. MY COMPANY PRODUCES WALLPAPER PICTURES PRODUCT. - i see. did u have any problem? - NO, I JUST ASK YOU TO JOIN MY COMPANY SPONGEBOB...

spongebob nick: VISITING MR. KRAB (part 2)

b: excuse me mr. krab. c: yes, what is the matter? b: there is spongebob nick that want to meet you. he told that he have an appointment with you today. c: okay, let him in.

c: i am sorry, sir. what is your name? a: my name is Spongebob Nick. c: so what do you like from me? a: i am looking for job, can you help me mr. krab? c: what kind of job that you're looking for? a: anything, sir. i need to have a job c: okay, you can start as a waitress.

SPONGEBOB NICK : visiting mr. krab

a. good morning, Patrick! b. good morning, Spongebob Nick. may i help you? a. is Mr. Krab in? b. yes, he is in. a. will you tell him that i am here? i have an appointment with Mr. Krab today. a. sure, please have a seat. i will go and inform him about your coming. a. thank you Patrick. i will be waiting here. b. just relax Spongebob. do you like to have a drink? a. oh, thank Patrick. i like to drink ice tea. b. okay, just wait a momment Nick.

Friday, 5 September 2008

spongebob nick free stuff and wallpaper themes for desktop: SPONGEBOB TEA TIME

b: nick, can i have a cup of tea after i have my bath? a: yes, you can make it yourself. i have prepared the breakfast for you spongebob. b: thank you, my brother. you are very kind to me. a: only this day. ... ... ..
b: is the tea on the table for me? a: no, it is mine, spongbob! b: where is my tea? a: you can make it by yourself. b: oh, no! you are not kind enough to me. a: but, i have prepared the breakfast for you! b: ok, thank you nick...

spongebob nick free stuff and wallpaper themes for desktop: SPONGEBOB NICK TAKE A BATH

a: wake up spongebob! wake up! b: all right nick.. i'll get up, bet let me lay down for a minute. a: no, you cant lie down anymore because patrick is waiting in the living room. b: ok, i'll be get up nick.. a: here is the towell and go to the bathroom. b: hey, where is my picture and my wallpaper? i cant find it in my bathroom! a: i keep it in my room, i love your picture, spongebob.. b: ok, you may keep it, but turn the music on. a: ok, spogebob